Traffic and Revenue Study of Highway System FARAC III (Mexico)
Estimation of traffic and revenue for the third phase of FARAC concessions in Mexico.

The study consisted in estimating the future demand of the concession roads FARAC III A, through simulations, to obtain a forecast of future traffic and revenue from concessions.

Diadro performed a simulation model of the study area, building a network of private vehicle in order to analyze the spatial composition of the demand, to explain the trips captured by toll roads, and to forecast future traffic based on global demand growth and competition features of different routes between each origin-destination trip.

In short, the study covered the following aspects:

  • Reviewing of existing traffic and socioeconomic data
  • Origin-destination surveys
  • Analysis of the users value of time
  • Traffic and revenue growth of the highways
  • Payment mechanisms and trade policy
  • Impact of new infrastructure in the area of influence
  • Sensitivity and risk analysis to key project variables
  • Generation of base and pessimistic cases covering the next 30 years
  • Analysis of the different pricing alternatives in the projection