Workplace Transport Plan for Móstoles Industrial Area (Madrid)
Package of strategic actions to promote more sustainable and cost-effective travel habits among employees, clients and visitors

Accomplishment of a workplace travel plan (along with companies TTU and SPIM), commissionedby Madrid Regional Transportation Authority, framed in the impulse for sustainable mobility of Madrid Region, funded in part by IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy) as aid to the measures for Urban Mobility Plans in the Transport Sector.

An extensive and detailed fieldwork was performed. It included:

  • Surveys to employees
  • Surveys to public transport users
  • Inventory of road and parking
  • Review of public transport infrastructure
  • Floating vehicle speed recording
  • In depth interviews with companies
  • Etc …


All information was gathered in GIS to facilitate spatial analysis such as bus stops and metro stations coverage and travel times from there to each workplace, the location of problems such as pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, etc..

Following the analysis and diagnosis of the mobility of the industrial area, specific proposals for action were developed. Stakeholders were involved in the debate of such actions through a mobility forum constituted for that purpose (transport authority, municipality, conservation authority industrial area, and unions). The Board also pursued the goal of inter-coordination and opening channels of communication with local authorities.

Finally, and in order to spread the results of the study, we designed a leaflet explaining the main measures that the Plan should contain.