Accurate forecasts

Assessing impacts in complex networks, predicting traffic behavior, estimating the potential demand for a new transportation system…

We are specialized in modeling transport systems, both as traffic consultants in the field of concessions (feasibility studies, traffic and revenue forecasts, traffic risk analysis and tariff strategies design), and also in planning networks and public transport services, transport planning and its urban and regional integration.

The best way to assess a transport alternative, whether public or private, is using network models, which aims to reproduce the route choice of users in the current situation, after applying a new configuration, to estimate what will happen in different scenarios.

There are several software programs available on the market, but Diadro recommends using EMME, developed by Inro, because it allows to include both private vehicle networks and public transport; and has multiple assignment tools (stochastic algorithms, all or nothing, multiple users equilibrium…) and tools to build demand models.

We bring a combination of experience and expertise, giving our demand forecasts the required reliability.
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