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Diadro is an independent consultancy firm with long standing experience in transport planning.

We have worked in more than 15 countries, around Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa; in road projects, high speed rails, massive transport systems, transport planning, parking, among others. We have over 20 years of experience in the transport sector, our diversity in skills and knowledge allows us to face a wide variety of projects.

Essentially we offer transport consultancy for both public and private sectors: concessionaires, constructors, transport operators, financial institutions, etc. In other words, we answer questions such:

  • How many vehicles will use a certain road?
  • What frequency and tariffs should operate a tram?
  • Would it be profitable to make a parking lot?
  • What tariff should users of High Speed Rail pay?
  • Will the revenue of a highway be enough to ensure its viability?
  • How to improve accessibility to a workplace?


Like the markets, we have been evolving. Our broad experience in demand analysis and public-private partnership has allowed us to address other areas that have gained great relevance in recent years, such as the field of hospital concessions.

Emme is a complete travel demand modelling software for urban, regional and national transportation forecasting.
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