Beyond transport

Depending on the needs of each project, we develop business models, studies on infrastructure impacts, road safety audits, etc.., for all types of major infrastructures: roads, railways, subways, car parks, hospitals…

It is very rewarding to see projects in which we have been involved take shape. For example projects developed in Latin American cities (Bogota or Mexico DF…), where travel times can be very high and the implementation of a mass transit system significantly impacts people’s quality of life.

Combining rigorous analytical and econometric techniques with a solid proven experience over the years as well as an international perspective in all our projects, puts us in a strategic position for the study of new infrastructure or the review of an existing one.

Our consulting services on infrastructure analysis cover areas such as planning, choice of route alternatives, demand and revenue forecast, operating strategy definition (one or more operators), impact on alternative transportation modes, cost-benefit analysis, economic-financial feasibility studies, or road safety audits.

Meeting the needs of our clients not only in terms of road infrastructure, but also in terms of hospitals, parking, high-speed lines, etc.
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