Vespucio Norte and San Cristóbal Tunnel traffic and revenue study
Traffic due diligence in the sale of a Free Flow system toll road and a tolled tunnel in Santiago de Chile.

Diadro was hired as an advisor to one of the potential investors of the sale of a toll road and a tolled tunnel. Both concessions are part of a Free Flow toll system operated in Santiago de Chile.

A network model, in which a large part of the city’s road network was included, was used.

One of the main difficulties of the project was to adequately model future tariffs: the system includes kilometer tariffs that were approved in the concession contract and are annually updated based on the CPI and the operating speed of each section of the system every half hour (working day, Saturday and Sunday).

In order to properly assess the mechanisms for activating tariffs, a detailed analysis of the historical data available, both of traffic and speeds and of the corresponding activations observed, was carried out, adjusting the corresponding volume delay functions for each toll gate.

The EMME model contemplated the modeling of an average hour of each period.

Additionally, a spreadsheet model was developed to obtain the annual results of both traffic and revenue.