WestConnex Demand Study. Sydney
Demand study of the Sydney model to support a large consortium in the WestConnex bidding process, the largest infrastructure project in Australia.

WestConnex is a toll road project part of The New South Wales State Government long-term, integrated transport and land-use planning solution. Being the largest transport infrastructure in Australia, it covers 33 km, mainly underground with 19 km of tunnels and 14 km of surface roads.

The main objectives of the infrastructure cover communicating communities, easy congestion and provide support to Sydney’s long-term economic and population growth.

Additional to the 33 km of new or updated motorways, the project will be formed by 31 km of existing infrastructure: the M5 East and the M5 West. Once all the motorways that form the project are included, the completed infrastructure will have approximately 64 km.

The government decided in 2017 to put on sale 51% of the shares of this road infrastructure project, which originally belonged to a public company, Sydney Motorway Corporation, to help the State of New South Wales to finance the planned new part.

WestConnex will be fully operational by 2023.