Traffic and revenue study of AVO Highway, Section 2
Potential demand and revenue forecast for urban toll highway Vespucio Oriente, section II, in Santiago de Chile.

The project wass part of the ring road of Santiago de Chile, which is operating under a free-flow toll scheme; and according to the terms of the concession tender there had to be two different tariff for each period (peak and off-peak hour), definition which depends on the travel speed in each period.

The section to be tendered runs between Prince of Wales Avenues and Los Presidentes, a section in which Avenida Vespucio Oriente will be built in a tunnel 40 meters deep, under line 4 of the metro network and under the San Carlos and Plaza Egaña channels and will consist of three lanes in each direction, with three entrances and two exits. Additionally, surface interventions on the existing road are contemplated, restricting the traffic to 2 lanes and incorporating an exclusive busway. This project will close the ring of Santiago ring road (about 65 km in total) and crosses the communes of La Reina, Peñalolén, Macul and Nuñoa, with an approximate length of 5.8 kilometers.

The two diferential aspects that need to be taken into account for the correct demand forecast are:

  • The toll rate depends on road congestion,
  • The section is part of a ring road, which is not yet completely closed.

Infrastructure Analysis