Autovía del Camino traffic update
Traffic update of shadow toll road Pamplona-Logroño

Diadro is periodically selected to conduct a traffic forecast update study of Autovía del Camino in which the different variables that can be occurring (urbanistic expected performances in the road network, socioeconomic background, etc.) are incorporated.

These reports are used by the concessionaire of the highway for submission to the banks involved in the financing process therefore, the reports are part of the monitoring of the financial situation that these banks do.

Diadro is responsible for answering the questions that these financial institutions may have as well as make the pertinent presentations.

For the update of traffic projections of Autovía del Camino, the following factors are taken into account among other:

  • The economic development of the corridor: The increase (or decrease) in economic activity as it induces changes in the number of trips, number of goods transported, etc.
  • The patterns of spatial location of population and employment along the corridor.
  • Traffic comming from other roads and that could use the highway for all or part of its route by the opening of new roads or improving existing infraestructures.
Autovía del Camino

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