Autopista del Sol Toll Optimization
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Study to optimize tariffs of Autopista del Sol in Costa Rica.

The study conducted at the request of the concesionaire to optimize the highway tariff required to achieve a complete understanding of the current demand for the concesion, both in their spatial patterns (origin-destination) and temporal.

It was also essential to build a model (in EMME) to explain the behavior of users of the motorway: in order to reproduce the travel choices of the users it is necessary to have a network that simulates the current and future offer, and a model that adjusts travel election (use other routes, etc.)

The work required to cover the following aspects:

  • Using a transport model updated and more flexible for the estimation of potential demand for the new configuration of tolls.
  • A detailed analysis of demand as function of time, travel purposes, willingness to pay factors, non-tariffed alternatives and delays that occur in them, and toll levels.
  • The design of a toll system to maximize revenue collection.
  • Identifying possible future projects that could affect demand capture.
  • Developing an appropriate model for demand growth.
  • A sensitivity and risk analysis, based on a detailed model to provide sufficient information on how estimated income could change under different future circumstances.