New Household Mobility Survey in Madrid
EDM18 del CRTM
Madrid Regional Transport Authority launches a new Household Mobility Survey campaign for the entire Madrid region.

The main objective of this survey is to learn about the mobility of the population of the region in a working day. The survey, which is conducted to more than 85,000 people, records the trips made in public transport, private vehicles, on foot … in short, any means of transport.

With this survey the mobility patterns of the people of the region can be analyzed and can be compared to the previous mobility surveys, observing the evolution they have had over the years, and thus serving as a basic tool for planning, and facilitating tasks of transport plans, such as: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in Torrelodones and Workplace Transport Plan for Móstoles Industrial Area

The survey will be conducted from February to June 2018, and the information will be collected by:

  • Face-to-face interview with all members of households living in the Madrid Region (up to 13,000 households)
  • Individual telephone interview with residents of the Madrid Region (up to 50,000 people).

The Transport Authority campaign ¿Cómo te mueves? helps to familiarize users of any mode of transport with the survey, in the face of an optimal participation in it.

More and more cities in the world are joining the study of mobility by updating their surveys, as recently published by Mexico (Origin-Destination Survey in Households of the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico 2017).