Volta Redonda bypass study (BR-393)
Study (and later update) of the effect of an alternative road in the area of Volta Redonda, in the BR-393 concession (Rio de Janeiro region); and analysis of the impact...

The concession Rodovia do Aço is a part of the BR-393 Rodovia, which runs through the state of Rio de Janeiro, from Volta Redonda to the border of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.
The BR-393 highway is popularly known as “Rio-Bahia” for being one of the oldest and most important routes between Rio and the Northeast of Brazil, which shares traffic with other roads competing with the concession do Aço.

The study of the road took place in 2013, with the objective (among others) of analyzing what supply conditions (infrastructure and tariff management) could capture traffic that currently runs along other routes, and how could the management of Rodovia do Aço be optimize.

In 2015 the demand models update of BR-393 concession was carried out in order to analyze the effect of duplication of roads in this route.