Implementation of toll on freight vehicles
The study, framed in the implementation of Eurovignette in the Eix Transversal (C-25) project, led to a campaign of characterization and Stated Preferences surveys to heavy vehicle users.

This road, located in Catalonia between Cervera and Girona, and operated under shadow tolling scheme, belongs to the trans-European road network, so it was plausible its inclusion among the routes which the Eurovignette would be applied.

In order to find out the impact that the toll would have over heavy vehicles traffic and revenue, the Department of Territory and Sustainability commissioned Diadro conducting a number of surveys.

The surveys proposed were designed to characterize the Eix traffic and their willingness to pay for the use thereof. Specifically, the campaign included the following:

  • characterization surveys (origin-destination) for heavy vehicles in all three sections of the Eix;
  • origin-destination surveys in La Jonquera; and
  • stated preference surveys in order to infer the future behavior of users once implemented the Eurovignette in the Eix.