Traffic and revenue study Rodovia dos Calçados
Traffic and revenue estimations of this part of the New Concessions Package in Sao Paulo.

Rodovía dos Calçados is part of the New Concessions package to be lend by the state of Sao Paulo.

The 720 km network includes parts of 10 different highways crossing the entire state of Sao Paulo from North to South.

The four parts of the New Concessions package are:

  • Rodovía do Centro-Oeste Paulista,
  • Rodovías dos Calçados,
  • Rodoanel Norte y
  • Rodovía do Litoral Paulista.

In order to estimate traffic and revenue for the concession period a network model was developed in EMME and feed with data from the fieldwork specifically designed for the project, including origin-destination surveys, stated preference surveys and traffic counts, as well as information from other sources (mainly the Administration).