Tariff optimization study for AP-46 Highway
Tariff optimization study of Pedrizas Highway and subsequent monitoring of the discount campaign.

Following up on the audit conducted in 2008 on behalf of the banks involved in the concession’s funding process, Diadro continued working in the tariff optimization of Guadalmedina Highway (“Pedrizas” Sacyr’s concession), in order to improve their revenue flow. The work focused on analyzing patterns of temporal distribution of traffic in the corridor, as well as users mobility patterns and their willingness to pay for using the highway.

A Stated Preferences and Origin-Destination survey campaign was conducted. Split models which estimated the user behavior towards changes in the tariff were adjusted.

A tariff strategy was designed with the results, recommending the concessionaire to lower the toll price in order to make it more affordable and thus, more users would be interested in using the toll road. These recommendations led to a powerful discount campaign quite popular among the users, especially in an economic time when the modus operandi of the concession was the opposite: to raise toll tariffs in order to compensate for losses caused by general economic conditions, resulting in a drop in traffic.

Diadro’s advice was in the opposite direction: to lower rates so more users could access the Highway. The implementation of vouchers and other measures to retain frequent users were also recommended.

In conclusion, the study led to increase traffic, thus changing the current trend in many of the Spanish highways.

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