Serrano Park Demand and Revenue Study
Photographs by Serrano Park
Demand and revenue forecast of Serrano Park, 3 underground car parks situated along the axis of Serrano Street in Madrid City Centre.

In the refinancing process of the concession, Diadro was asked to undertake the demand and revenue audit for the banks financing the project. The study focused on the aspect with a higher weight on income: rotation public parking demand and monthly parking tickets.

Serrano Park is formed by 3 car parks with more than 2300 places for residents and a bit less than 1000 rotation public parking places.

First an analysis of the differences experienced between the original Business Plan forecasts and actual data of the parking was conducted.

Then, a survey to current Serrano Park users and plate number registering to vehicles parked in a sample of streets of the influence area were conducted in order to characterize the demand and to delve into aspects such as occupancy profile, parking times, etc. From all the information gathered:

  • Demand growth models relating the historic behavior of rotation off-street parking demand in Madrid with the economic situation were adjusted.
  • A sensitivity analysis was done in order to show the effect that the change in the City Council’s Mobility Policy could have over the rotation parking demand. In particular, it was analyzed the effect that reducing the amount of green and blue parking spaces (SER)
  • Demand and revenue forecast for both Monthly Parking Tickets and Parking Places for residents have been produced too.

Infrastructure Analysis